Saturday, November 3, 2012

Look For Less: Emma Stone

I've been a little obsessed with  Burberry's asymmetrical ruffle wool skirts ever since I saw this picture of Emma Stone:

While I usually have an it's okay to splurge philosophy when it  comes to all things Burberry, I also have a no trendy pieces over 50 bucks philosophy. And yes, a navy pencil skirt  isn't exactly a trendy piece, but I'm also not exactly a pencil skirt kind of girl... Long story short, I wasn't going to spend a small fortune on a skirt that I'd wear once or twice. But then...

Call it serendipity, I was browsing on one of my favorite Blogs, saw that Anthropologie was having a 25% off sale, and somehow ended up with this:

Anthropologie Wandering Wave Skirt

It's a tight cotton knit, not wool. Gray, not navy. But most importantly: 30 bucks, not a thousand. There is, however, one tiny disadvantage: due to the material and the very tight fit you have to be super careful with tucking shirts in - anything too bulky, and you'll end up with awkward lines where you don't want them. But pair it with a thin shirt like Emma's, and it's the perfect wallet friendly alternative to the Burberry version.   

Peace, Love, and Serendipity

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