Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hump Day Homework: Not Gatsby

It's been a while since the last Hump Day Homework assignment, but I just didn't read, see, or hear anything really postworthy, that I hadn't already covered elsewhere *cough* Gatsby *cough*... Until now, because I figured why not have a Fitzgerald themed Hump Day without actually including Gatsby:

Read: The Pat Hobby Stories

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One of Fitzgerald's lesser known works are the brilliant Pat Hobby Stories, in which the author draws on his own experiences as a writer in Hollywood.  The result are 17 witty and (self)mocking short stories that star the Hollywood has-been Pat Hobby, and his (not always legal) shenanigans. 

Watch: The Last Tycoon, 1976

Admittedly not the best Fitzgerald adaptation, but the powerhouse cast alone (Robert De Niro, Tony Curtis, Jack  Nicholson...) make this one worth watching - and as it happens The Last Tycoon is actually my favorite of Fitzgerald's novels. 

Listen To: Lash // The Beautiful and The Damned

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I typed in the title of my second favorite The Beautiful and Damned to see if there was a good audio book, and ended up finding this little gem. Anyone who was a teen during the golden age of Mary-Kate and Ashley and DCOMs will remember Lash. What do they have to do with Fitzgerald? Well, besides the album name, nothing. But I take any excuse to add this guilty pleasure to the list. 

Peace, Love, and Garden Parties

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  1. I read the Pat Hobby Story in school and I like it very much! Your blog is so sweet- not like the typical "fashion-lifetyle-everything"blog (like mine :)) I follow you now because you really write about things and topics which interest me.
    Gretchen vonDüsterwald