Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Horizons

This week's IFB project is all about shades, and usually this would be a rather boring topic for me because I used to only own two pairs:  a pair of Ray Ban Aviators, that I snatched from my mom a few years back, and the obligatory black Wayfarer's that every cool kid needs. But all this changed a few weeks ago when I set foot into the Coach outlet, and walked out with these:

I wasn't even looking for new shades, I just tried these on (in pink!) for a laugh, thinking that they would look silly. But then they didn't, and when I saw that they also came in olive green something possessed me to buy them.  

...and now I love them so much that I am actually considering going back to get a second pair  in another color, like the honey version pictured above. 

Peace, Love, and Garden Parties

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