Sunday, May 12, 2013

Refusing to Sink...

This week's IFB project asked us to showcase a striped outfit. Those of you who have been following me for a while  know that there could not have been a more fitting assignment, as I rarely wear anything that doesn't involve stripes. So instead of featuring one outfit, I decided to put the spotlight on my favorite striped item: 

The French Sailor Shirt 

I think the picture suffices to demonstrate my love for it (and I didn't even include the sweater versions), but what makes these striped cotton shirts so awesome?

They are easy: 
Striped shirt + jeans = classic and put together. 

They are versatile: 
There is no other item that is easier to dress up or down. Add a suit and heels and you can tackle any business meeting or wear it with shorts and white Converse to enjoy a day at the beach.

They are timeless: 
Originaly designed for members of the French Navy in 1859, the shirt became popular after the Saint James Company first set up shop in 1889. The Normandy based clothier specialized in the striped shirts that were also known as "the seafarer's second skin",  and over a 100 years later the company is still going strong, and the classic design is as popular now as it was back then. 

They are iconic: 
No other item has been worn by as many movie and style icons as the striped shirt


There is one for everyone (and every wallet):
You don't have to spend a small fortune on a Saint James Shirt, when you can find an equally cute one for  a fracture of the price  at H&M.

...basically there is no excuse not to wear them. 

Peace, Love, and Garden Parties

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