Monday, September 30, 2013


REmember those stuffed animal purses you had as kid? My favorite was always a horse, it was brown, and its belly didn't hold more than some change and a lipgloss - but I loved it. And guess what? I found a grown up version:

The fabric and details make it look eclectic instead of childish, and it's also a lot roomier than the kid version. So if you don't mind spending $50 on a childhood throwback, then it's the perfect bag for you. 

Peace, Love, and Pumkin Spice

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  1. This bag is soo amazing! The grey, a little bit shabby looking fabric is a perfect contrast to the cute horse design. I have a very childish looking frog bag and- yeah I know- a Unicorn satchel! And I am sooo in love with both
    Gretchen vonnDüsterwald