Sunday, August 30, 2015

Five August Things

August is almost over… let that sink in for a moment.  But that also means fall is just around the corner – and you know how I feel about fall (boots, pumpkins, and a new season of American Horror Story…) 

…but more on that next month, because now it's time for my August favorites: 
(Skip this one if you did not see the Pretty Little Liars summer finale)

The Dead Weather is back!  
And if the rest of their new Album is gonna be as good as the first single, then it was definitely worth the long wait. And how cool is the video? 

Talking of that video, I was so excited to see it that I finally caved and got Tidal to watch it a week early.  Best decision ever! Yes, it's expensive compared to other  streaming services,  and the free trial ends after only one month (gasp!), but quality and content are definitely worth it.  And with 9.99 a month the basic version is cheaper than a movie ticket but will entertain you a lot longer. 

Cece is A:
I know many didn't like the reveal, but I really did.  Yes there were small plot holes, but that would have been the case with anyone, and the clues are all there! Just go back and rewatch  – and honestly after six years of guessing I would have been ok with finding Pepe the dog under that hood. 

The day after the Pretty Liars Finale was spent re-reading this. Because #clues. They really did tell us everything we needed to know. And I'm thrilled that all those references actually meant something. 

It's navy,  and I could not be more excited about it.  

What's your favorite "August thing"?

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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