Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Survival Roundup

Struggling to cope with the heat?  Don't sweat,  here a few links to make those dog days of summer a little more bearable.  

This fruity drink is guaranteed to keep you cool, while  gluten free mini pizzas,  zucchini fries  or a super quick peach bruschetta are the perfect treats to snack on during a movie night after a long day at the beach, 

… And talking of the beach, here are a couple of items you should bring, even if the closest you get to the water is your bathroom.  

If your summer plans take you to the city,  just bring the beach with you on your nails,  and no matter where you are headed a hat's always in style.

And last but not least, a wearable summer playlist.  

Peace, Love and Lobsters

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