Sunday, January 24, 2016


We finally got some snow (a lot of snow!) last weekend. Sadly it's already melting away, but I'm not quite ready to let it go, and cuddling up with a good snow-com  (a rom-com set in a winter wonderland) is a pretty good way to hold on to it.  Here are my top-picks.

Chalet Girl:

This is hands down my favorite (and not only because Ed Westwick is in it). I love movies about sports, and I'm a sucker for a classic cinderella tale,  that paired with the gorgeous scenery, a stellar cast, and a killer soundtrack  …there's no better recipe for a feel-good movie.  

Cloud 9:

Another sports movie, and probably the first Disney Chanel Original Movie in a long time that actually has that classic DCOM vibe that has been missing ever since the musical craze.  Much like Chalet Girl it's a simple feel-good movie in a gorgeous setting. 

Better of Dead:

I can't write a movie round-up without including an 80s flick, and "Better of Dead" has to be one of the most hilarious films ever made (and that skiing date scene is so beautiful).

Snow Day:

It might be for kids, and you're gonna have Hoku's "Another Dumb Blonde" stuck in your head all week but it's alright, it's okay…

Honorable Mention: 
Two Night Stand

Technically there isn't that much snow in the movie, because most of it takes place inside an apartment, but the snow is the reason the characters are stuck in that apartment, so there you go.  

Do you have a favorite snow-com? 

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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