Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bare Necessities

I'm addicted to "What's in my Purse" videos on Youtube (there is just something strangely fascinating about  them) - So I figured why not write a "What's in my Purse" post - but be warned this might be a little more geeky than expected lol

1) Scarf - I always get cold, and I always carry one around. This pretty pink one is from Claire's 

2) iPhone (in Psych case...duh) , iPod and  8 GB of my life in the form of a flashdrive 

3) a Book - But not just any book, it's Seth Grahame-Smith's "How To Survive a Horror Movie". Just in case I have to wait somewhere and want a funny read to pass the time, or know actually find myself in a situation  where I need it.

4) I usually don't carry around a lot of make-up but I never leave the house without my pineapple lip balm or Coke flavored Lip Smaker. Other essentials include a nail file, John Frieda Frizz&Ease Secret Weapon Finish Cream (or as I like to call it magic in a tube), and a sample size of my fave perfume  (currently True Religion)

5) Wallet 

6) Sunglasses - These are the smaller Ray Ban aviators (I have no clue what model, but they shouldn't be hard to track down)

7) HUGE nylon bag - this little puppy folds out into a a giant shopping bag, and is adorable.

8) Keys - and my flamingo keychain, because I loose everything unless it is attached to something bright and fluffy.

So what's the strangest thing I'd find in your bag?  Comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. Well you never see me leaving the house with a bag so hard to say lol yes, I'm weird and all. I've just never found a bag that I like xD

    and I have a Fanta flavored Lip Smaker ;)

    Really awesome blog post dude and I love the bg on the phone ;)

  2. haha LOVE the phone bg and the iPod bg!! Psych/FWB for the win!!

    Pineapple lip balm of course :)

    It is DEFINITELY magic in a tube!

    I have the purple aviator ray bans, love them.

    I adore the flamingo!!

    I think the strangest thing you'd find in my bag are pictures. I feel like everyone I know now has all their pictures on their phones etc. but I have a few of my favorite of pictures of everyone I love, printed out, kept in a secret pocket. I feel so old fashioned lol!!!

  3. @Casey

    Thank you! Ray Bans are the best!

    And OMG the picture thing is so sweet and epic! Being old fashioned rocks! ...and the secret pocket part reminds me of Nancy Drew - so much win <3


  4. @Sammy

    Get here and you can borrow it ;)

  5. Love this post! Your LV purse is so cute too I love the monogram pattern. I use a John Frieda product too it's called Straight Fixation I love it!!!
    Soo awesome :)