Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Hollywood Story

Despite my early obsession with anything fashion related, I've never been one to read the fashion magazines - No, I always got my inspiration from my other obsessions the big and the small screen. So I figured it would be fun to to narrow down a few characters that play the biggest inspirational roles for my personal style.  

1) Troian Bellisario as Spencer  Hastings  in Pretty Little Liars 

I love this girl, even though there are a few misses (what the heck was that sailor dress last night?), she's my fave Little Liar - her style almost has something Nancy Drew-esque and is rather hard to narrow down - which is why I love it so much.  

2) Amber Heard as Jenn Jones in the Joneses 

I'm gonna be honest, I wanted to see this movie cause I loved Amber's outfit on the poster - but that lead to discovering an awesome movie, and finding out that I actually LOVE boyfriend jeans.   

3) Misha Barton as Marissa Cooper in The OC 

I wasn't the biggest fan of the character, but even after the show's long over  I still adore (and copy) her style a lot. She is the epitome of a preppy California girl (and I especially love her edgier side that showed in season 3).

4) '80s  and '90s teen Movies

I love unique vintage pieces, and especially quirky accessoires or crazy statement pieces like the jackets Corey Haim wore in Dream a Little Dream (which also happens to be the sweetest movie ever made). And then there's Clueless, over -the-knee socks and mini skirts?  There's a reason everyone was in love with Cher ;)  

So who is your style inspiration? Comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. This was such a awesome post dude and it really showed how different our types of style is lol

  2. haha I LOVE this post!!!

    I adore what you said about Amber Heard (my heart!) and The Joneses!!!

    Never seen PLL but from the pics, I love the outfits!

    Totally agree LOVED MC's style!

    This is so weird I was just watching Clueless like two nights ago!!


  3. Awesome post love all these styles!!!!

  4. Troian!!!:) I love anything PLL related, and her style is pretty epic - very you as well. And though I am more of a Summer fan, haha, Marissa's style is pretty adorable too.<3