Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Playlist

The way a person dresses often reflects what kind of music they love, so I figured it would be fun to put together a few looks that are inspired by the most played songs  on my iTunes.

Lets start with one basic piece: a good pair of distressed bootcut jeans. They go with everything and will always be my go-to style for the summer:

True Religion Carrie

Now on to the different looks:  
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1) Hole - Heaven Tonight  I can listen to this song 200 times in a row and won't get sick of it. For the Heaven Tonight look I went with a really simple but playful style that reflects the sweetness of the song. Just think "end of summer, bonfire, beach" and you're set. 

2) The Ataris - Boys Of Summer (originally by Don Henly) This song already offers a dresscode "You got that hair slicked back and those wayfarers on baby" - so just go with the 80s vibe, throw on a bright polo, some converse , and a cool sporty jacket if it gets colder.  

3) Rascal Flatts - She'd Be California - the song is about a rising star, a gorgeous Hollywood starlet,  this means big shades, sparkly heels, and a top that matches that red sports car. And paired with the distressed jeans and a leather jacket it's still casual  enough to capture the carefree country feel of the song.

So what are your fave summer tunes? Comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. OH OH, can I be number 3?! =) =) I love all this're making me want to get rich, like RIGHT NOW. To get all of it Daaaaarn you.

    Sokay, still love you. =) <3

  2. I think this maybe my favorite post so far!!
    Putting two of my favorite things together: music and clothes!!!!!

    LOVE the True Religion jeans!!

    Yay! I just found three new awesome songs! Thank you!

    Another amazing post!

  3. Another awesome post!! Love the Boys Of Summer song :)

  4. So if the way we dress reflect what kind of music I love, then what kind of music do i love? lol

    awesome post dude! as always