Thursday, April 19, 2012

Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking

Isn't it?  But this year the flowers seem to be brighter and bigger than ever.  One of you asked me about a Peter Som dress  that Leighton Meester rocked on Gossip Girl. 

As gorgeous as the dress is, the pricetag isn't so nice to look at, so here are a couple of cute and afforadable alternatives: 

1) Oasis 2) H&M 3) Ted Baker 4) H&M 5) Asos

I just snatched number 2 and 5 for myself, as I have  5 days of Garden Life coming up next month, and I need something besides jean shorts to wear with my wellies.  

Peace, Love and Sunshine 


  1. Awesome dude! I actually bought a dress at H&M today with flowers, well, only half the dress was with flowers LOL

  2. Awesome post love that you posted about the dress I sent you!! Haha so true that the dress is nice to look at but not the price tag!!

  3. KC - lets us see if this worksApril 23, 2012 at 4:06 AM

    I've missed so much. Where have I been?

    Not really my style but I do love the dresses. They are great and I'm sure you completely rock them!

    Great post!!