Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seen On: Water Drops and Bumblebees

I admit, I haven't really cared for GLEE in a very long time. But every once in a while they still do hit the right note, even if it's just in the fashion department.  And last night's episode featured Quinn (Dianna Agron) in not only one, but two amazing Anthropologie jackets.  

While I adore the honeybee blazer, I feel that at almost a 180 euros it is a little too pricey for such a whimsical piece (and there's that bee allergy - don't wanna wear something that could possibly attract those little beasts), but I had my eyes on the anorak for a while now, and after seeing it in action I'm even more intrigued.

Peace, Love, and Sunshine

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  1. Great post. :) The jackets are epic --and Matt totally made that episode epic.