Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day Homework

Welcome to your first Hump Day Homework assignment!  But don't worry it's not that kind of homework. From now on I will brighten your Wednesdays with something to read, watch, and listen to, to make the time until Friday pass a little faster.

Read:  "Rules of Civility" Amor Towles
I mentioned this  book before, but after finishing it today I just felt the need to stress it's fabulousness again. The narrative is as bubbly as the champagne that flows through the chapters, and the heroines comments as refreshingly dry as the Martinis she loves. But what made me fall in love with it are the literature, art and Hollywood references that are sprinkled through the story - If you want to have a good time, fall in love, and feed your intellect, then Rules of Civility is what you need. 

Watch:  Dirty Girl
After watching the trailer for this I expected it to be your average silly teen comedy - let's just say I was in for a pleasant surprise.  The film isn't perfect, but it's a gem in it's own way. There's something very real and heartfelt about it - and Juno Temple is a joy to watch. 

Listen To:  "Blunderbuss"  Jack White 
I've waited months for this, and it's exactly what I expected plus so much more. There's not one song on this album that I don't love.  This is going to be a favorite for a really long time. 

Peace, Love, and Sunshine

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  1. Haha awesome post dude ;) i have enough books to read already though LOL