Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the Games Commence....

I know, I know the number one sports event of the planet should not be about fashion, but it's so much fun to pretend. So let the 2012 fashion Olympics begin...

Bronze:  Britain and Germany 

I get it Britain,  you're hosting, you want to sparkle...  but there's a thin line between sparkle and "Hey dad can I borrow  the survival blanket from the car to build a spacesuit?", although I did love the  black version the kids in the ceremony were sporting.  And Pink and blue? Really Germany? Shouldn't the uniforms represent the country?  At least a little?  No?

Silver:  U.S.A and Sweden 

As much as I adore Ralph Lauren, the horsies are a little big, wouldn't you agree?  I do like the berets though, but then again I love everything military inspired.

You could have been awesome Sweden.  I love the Rugby shirts, and that you guys actually look all athletic and all, but those colors...  the gray should be white,  and that turquoise should be a royal blue or navy, just anything but this... 

 Gold:  Netherlands and Denmark 

Some countries that got it right are the Netherlands and Denmark. Especially Denmark, it might not be the most memorable one, but I love this clean and preppy look, it's timeless yet very modern - everything  an uniform should be.

So which countries where your winners?  Let me know, comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. Well Sweden is not my winner LOL i wasw seriously angry that we didnt have the right shade of blue lol Guess my winner would be the Netherlands, loved their outfits!