Thursday, October 25, 2012

D.I.Y: And I would have gotten away with it...

...if it hadn't been for all these amazing detectives, and their lovely sidekicks.  

It's no secret that I have a little thing for detective costumes. Throwing on a trench coat or deer stalker is always a great last minute option, but if you have a little more time on your hand, why don't you try one of these this Halloween:

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1) Sherlock Holmes:  Deer stalker, cape, tweed shorts,  oxfords - done, and the shorts give the old-timy British look a sexy edge. And if that's not enough, how about dressing up as Irene Adler, the BBC version, that's one way to be the center of attention at any Halloween party. 

2) Daphne Blake (yes I do know the last names of all Scooby Doo characters...): The most important part of a Daphne costume is  good  red wig, 'cause dying your hair ginger for a Halloween costume is a stupid idea, trust me on this, I would know.  Once you have the wig, all you need is a purple dress, shoes, and headband, a green scarf, and you're good to go.  But don't get yourself kidnapped!

3) The girls of the Maltese Falcon: This look isn't really  inspired by a specific character, but I have to admit that it is how I always pictured Effie (I know it's a little glamorous, but hey it's Halloween...) So if you want to solve crimes at Spade's side then this is finally the time for the trench, add a cloche cap, some T-Strap heels and remember: You're a damned good man, sister.

Peace, Love and Pumpkins

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  1. oh you and your love for detectives lol awesome post dude!