Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cookie Cuisine

Macarons aren't just cookies, they are mystical creatures only found in the worlds of Blair Waldorf and Eloise, so the idea of making them at home in my kitchen instead of going out to buy a pink boxed pack of five seemed a little scary. 

But hey, I found a Macaron mix on Amazon, frozen raspberries in my freezer, and a whole lot of food coloring from my cupcake adventures.  I was all set, and it seemed like the perfect Saturday afternoon adventure.  Until.... 

Well let's just say LadurĂ©e won't hire me anytime soon, and these things (whatever they are...) don't even taste like Macarons. But I will try again, from scratch this time…

Peace, Love, and (Hershey) Kisses

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