Saturday, February 9, 2013

L is for the way...

It's almost Valentine's Day my lovelies, and on here that means holiday playlist time! But I have to warn you, this one's on the cheesy side...

5) U2: Everlasting Love

I wouldn't know about this cover if it wasn't for Eddie Redmayne's Burberry campaign. But if this doesn't bring a smile to your face then something is seriously wrong with you.

4) The Lovemakers: Love is Dead

You may ask yourself what this is doing on a Valentine's Day playlist. But give it a chance, trust me.

3) The Jonas Brothers: Lovebug

Aren't all love songs guilty pleasures by definition? Don't judge me...

2) The Ramones: Baby I Love You

No Playlist is complete without the Ramones. 

1) The Lumineers: Ho Hey

I belong with you, you belong with me... and this song belongs on every Valentine's Day playlist ever. 

What's your favorite love song? 
I could have made this a top 50...

Peace, Love, and (Hershey) Kisses

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  1. Lovely post when Eddie is mentioned ;)