Friday, February 15, 2013

Meta is the Middle Name

Lets face it, which TV fan doesn't use the internet to connect with other like minded fans? This can go from composing a tweet that consists mainly of emoticons to express one's excitement (or frustration) about the latest cliffhanger ending, to participating in role-plays that might appear almost psychotic to people outside the community (the fandom).

The CW's newest show Cult explores this idea of what happens when fiction blurs with reality. The show takes us to the fictional set of the hit TV show Cult, a drama about a young investigator (Alona Tal) trying to take down the leader of a cult who captured her family. So far so good, but then we meet Nate (James Pizzinato), a young screw-up who seeks help from his older brother Jeff (Matthew Davis) because he is convinced that someone is after him -  someone from a TV show.

Jeff writes this off as just another one of his brother's juvenile obsessions, and walks out on him (yeah, I don't blame him either). But when Nate disappears even the skeptical Jeff can't dismiss the signs that point to the show, and teams up with clever production assistant Skye (Jessica Lucas) to find his missing brother.

Technically Cult has two main story lines, the one of the show within the show, and the one surrounding the investigation of that show and it's fanbase, and if you want, a third one about us, the viewers, trying to figure out this  meta-maze of a show.

As for me, I'm hooked, the cast is great, the mystery intriguing, and it has that post modern noir vibe (that's a thing now) I love so much. Let's just say it has the potential to become a cult hit (no pun intended).

Watch Cult, Series Premiere Tuesday Feb. 19 on the CW

Peace, Love and (Hershey) Kisses (…wow that really does not work today)

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