Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Black

I did not own a black piece of clothing until I was at least 16,  which is maybe why I am making up for it now. While everyone else is pulling out their white jeans, I'm loving an all-black look for summer, and no one does that better than Emma Stone:

No matter if it's super casual...

picture source
 …or all dressed up:
picture source
There are two secrets to rocking all black ensembles in the summer: minimal accessories and a good amount of skin. The key is to keep it as light as possible, no heavy shoes, chunky necklaces, or over the top bags – just because it is black does not mean that it can't be airy.  When it comes to dressier looks, it is all about cut-outs, sheer panels, and bare backs. 

And no matter if you're opting for a minimalistic racerback tank or an embroidered statement top, there is nothing more versatile than the "little black top":

New Look, Zara, H&M

What's your take on wearing all black for summer? 
Yay or nay? 

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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