Thursday, July 10, 2014

5 Minute Peach Bruschetta

The thing with cooking posts is that I never plan them. I'll make something and don't realize that it would make a good post until it's half gone, which is basically just my excuse for the not so great picture. So trust me when I say that this Instagram pic doesn't do this awesome recipe justice. 

I present, my famous 5 Minute Peach Bruschetta:

What you need: 
Bread (I used Ciabatta, but you can use whatever you like best)
Feta Cheese
Olive Oil

How much you need of each ingredient depends on how much you want to make,  
just make sure that you're using equal amounts of feta and peach. 

5 minutes to go…
Cut the bread into finger-thick slices, and put them in the toaster (or on the grill).

4 minutes to go…
Dice the feta and the peaches.

3 minutes to go…
Mix the olive oil and the honey in a bowl, and add a dash of rosemary.
I usually start with the honey, and add about double the amount of olive oil, but this ratio really depends on how sweet you want the mixture to be. 

2 minutes to go…
Add the diced feta and peaches to the bowl, and cover them with the olive oil honey mix, while you toast/grill the bread until it's crunchy.

and done… 
Pour the mixture over the warm bread slices, and that's it!
(Tip: add extra peach slices for decorative purposes)

Bon app├ętit!

Peace, Love, and Lobsters,

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