Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Opposite of Loneliness

Hello again! I've been a bit MIA due to some exams, but I aced them all and they were actually kind of fun (one was about the cultural effects of Rock 'n Roll in the 1950s). 

But as of now, I'm simply glad to have a few days off to relax before I start my internship in 2 weeks. And the first thing I did was to finish The Opposite of Loneliness:


The book is a collection of lovely essays and short stories, and probably the single most relatable thing I've read in years.  It does, however, have a very tragic backstory, as the young author Marina Keegan died in a car accident just a few days after graduating from Yale. The book was put together after her death, and is so to say the young writer's legacy - a theme that is eerily prominent throughout the book.  

It's heartbreaking that we'll never get to see Marina grow as a writer. She had a remarkable talent for capturing the voice of her generation and putting feelings into words - words that offer a glimpse into the  many amazing things Marina could have produced if she had been given more time. 

Still, her tragedy isn't the reason this book is such a great read, and as one of Marina's Professors wrote in the preface: "Marina wouldn't want you to read her book because she is dead, but because it is good.”  

I couldn't agree more.

Peace, Love and Lobsters

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