Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Color Me Mine

The last colored mascara I owned was also the first mascara I owned, because 12 year old me didn't see the point in putting black mascara on my already black eyelashes…

Except for a brief obsession with a silver Mary-Kate and Ashley mascara (I wish that stuff would still exist), I  did, however, never revisit the color trend. Until now that is…

Butter London
How fantastic are these colors from Butter? 

I bought the two green shades online, and was actually a little surprised to find out how pigmented they actually are (the lime green Jaded Jack will  turn your lashes lime green). So I suggest starting with the darker tones for a a more subdued look (the darker British Racing Green is perfect for a subtle hint of color).  Or – and this is my favorite way to wear them – use them to set a few accents on the tips of your lashes after applying black or clear mascara.  

Would you rock them, or do you think this trend should stay in the past?

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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