Monday, October 26, 2015

Time Traveling Jack O'Laterns

It's time for my favorite post of the year,  the annual presentation of my Jack O'Lanterns.  And there was just no way I could not make a Back to The Future pumpkin this year.  I actually went to a screening of all three movies on the 21st  (for those not familiar with the movies, October 21, 2015 is the date Marty and Doc Brown travel to in the second movie), and the first thing I did when I came home was to look for Back to The Future pumpkin designs.  My initial plan was to make a DeLorean, but I just couldn't find the right pumpkin for it, so I present the amazing Doc Brown (and a couple of Halloween classics):

Are you carving pumpkins this year (maybe even some Back To The Future ones)? Tweet me pictures!

…and check out the Pumpkin Tag for more.

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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