Sunday, July 8, 2012

D.I.Y: From Bag to Fab!

There's nothing I love more than a cool vintage accessory, especially  jewellery  - it is however not always easy to find cool pieces, so why not just make your own?

What you need:  

1) Vintage purses,  now do read on before you get a heart attack...
Yes I did destroy a Chanel bag (how very Tyler Shields of me), but this bag was falling apart  and not in the "oh this is a cute vintage look" way, but in the ripped to a point of being completely unusable way (the picture does show its good side), so  disclaimer:  


2) Charms, chains and other knick-knacks: There's really no rule here, depending on which look you are going for  you can use whatever your heart desires.

3) Pliers: any pair of small pliers will do, but I recommend getting a little jewellery repair kit (also because extra links make everything easier).

How it works: 

1) Separate the straps from the purses, if you are not concerned about the rest of the purse this step is rather easy, rip it, cut it, do whatever...

2) Remove everything else that you want to use (in my case the Chanel logo)

3) start designing!  Just get creative. I kept mine relatively simple, as I always prefer a more classic look, but really there are no limits:

Bracelet: Chanel logo, vintage chain, gold purse strap.  I used he strap of the little black bag cut it in half, connected it to a vintage chain, and used the Chanel logo as a clasp - this also doubles as a necklace. 

This one is the simplest but my favorite, I connected the tag/serial number thingy from my favorite Mulberry bag to a gold chain and added  an "L" and a single pearl.  

And there's the Chanel necklace  -  I only used one strap,  but you could use both, wear them long short, braid them... or mix colors if you have more than one.

So hit a thrift store, flew market,  or your own attic and start designing!  

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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