Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hump Day Homework: Gilmore Girls 2.0

Okay I'm just gonna say it: I LOVE BUNHEADS!  

I basically watched this show because nothing else was on, and the pilot was a little "okay this is fun, but nothing special...", but  4 episodes in and I'm completely in love with Michelle and all those lovely people in Paradise.  

Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino somehow managed to create  a 2.0 version of her iconic  Gilmore Girls. Quirky town, with even quirkier people,  amazing pop culture references (he Ned Starked her!), and of course Lorelai 2.0.

The scenes between Lorelai and Emily .…uhm I mean Michelle and Fanny  are so reminiscent of the Gilmore Girls mother/daughter quarrels that it really makes we wonder how Lorelai ended up in this bizarro  Stars Hollow with four Rorys (caffeine overdose?),  and why Logan's dad bought that run-down bar...

So watch, read (yes it's based on a cool book) and listen to (ok, there's no official soundtrack yet but this will do just fine): Bunheads!

read me
watch me

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. May actually have to watch, haha. :)