Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seen On: "Remains of the A"

I haven't posted a seen-on in ages. Not because there was no time,  but because I did not see much  that I found post-worthy, until today. You can always count on the Pretty Little Liars to wake up the fashion detective in me... 

Aria's outfits are either hit or miss - but these boots where definitely on the hit side. I used to have a pair of pink Doc's with green and purple dots when I was 12 or 13, and wore them every day, even in the middle of July...  But besides being totally badass, they were also very uncomfortable. So you won't find me dropping 200+ on matter how cute they are...which is very, and they'd be so perfect for fall...

I want this...

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer... Can I just come over and raid your closet? Please? Our always perfect Spence rocked a few great pieces in this ep, but my definite favorite was this lacy top she wore at the end of the episode (that A sure likes to mess with you deary...)  

Unfortunately not even this skilled detective could track it down (I tried for the last 3 hours...). This Anthropologie top does, however, come close...sorta...well the cut is similar...

Erinus Halter Top
I'm gonna keep looking... 

On another note,  did anyone else notice Emily's "Hopper-esque" view of the Diner (I know what I'm talking about, there's a giant print of it in my dining room.)  And weren't it Hopper's paintings that inspired most of the scenic descriptions in Nabokov's Lolita?  Which happens to get referenced (subtle but undeniable) in every other episode? Theories? Go!

EDIT:  I Finally tracked down Spencer's Peplum Top, and I was actually spot on with Anthropologie  cause that's where this beauty is from. But sadly it's not available anymore, well  here's to ebay... 

Peace, Love, and Sunshine 


  1. Poor Spencer lol - but agreed she always looks fab. =) And adore that you would pick up on that painting, lol.

  2. I have to say i started watching Pretty Little Liars and I don't regret it!! It's all so perfect!!

    Seriously you should do this as a job. Go work for a clothing line or something and just be a detective!

    When Spencer cries/screams into the pillow...I just couldn't handle it!!

    Great post!