Friday, July 6, 2012

Oops I did it again...

Roughly 2 years ago I chopped of my long locks  in favor of a chin length bob. Back then Chelsea Kane was the inspiration,  and I loved the style so much that I kept it for 2 years, but now it was time to move on...

So today (after a lot of research on google and tumblr) I took this picture of Emma Watson to my hairdresser: 

At first I was actually contemplating  a real pixie cut,  but since my hair hadn't been this short since I was 13 I figured that taking baby steps would be a good idea -  so the grown out version it was.  And my amazingly talented  stylist Maria did a fantastic job...

We kept the bangs longer (I wasn't quite ready for that change), and overall it is a tiny bit shorter than Emma's version, but my hair does grown pretty fast and I give it about 3 weeks before it will look more like hers.

So what do you guys think? Love it, hate it? Let me know, comment below!

Peace, Love, and Sunshine

1 comment:


    Emma Watson...Hot!

    I legit would never have the courage. I'd be in the chair scream the second they got the scissors out and probably die because I'd jump up so fast I'd get stabbed.

    I solute you.

    I love it!! The first pic (of you) is my fav!!!! Awesome!!