Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1: Dear Santa...

No better way to start this then with my very own Christmas list:

                                           Source: via Laura on Pinterest

1) A Burberry Bespoke Trench, that would probably look a lot like the pictured one, but maybe navy with brown sleeves, or tan with beige, but it would definitely have a zipper....  Seriously there is nothing I want more than this. Nothing. 

2) A pair of Golden Goose Boots: Effortlessly awesome, and fabulously rugged - just like pretty much everything I love.

3) Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats: When I'm not wearing boots I live in flats, and these have whiskers. Whiskers. 

4) Crosley Keepsake USB Record player: Yup, I still don't own this...  

5) Monogram pendant necklace: If it doesn't move, monogram it, especially if it's shiny. 

6) Ship To Shore Sideboard: The Crosley would look so good on it...

7) A canvas print of Dashiell Hammett, 'cause who wouldn't want that? 

8) Anything Soap&Glory. Anything (well anything from the classic line, because this one is deadly allergic to all fruity scented things)

What's on top of your wish list this year? Let me know, comment below! 

Peace, Love, and Mistletoe

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  1. great start dude :) i don't actually have a list this year, guess I don't know what i want LOL