Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 12: Hump Day Homework "(Not) Home for Christmas"

Here's your second Hump Day Homework assignment of the month, and it's something for those who like to spend Christmas on the road or up in the air...

Watch: Good Luck Charlie it's Christmas (2011)

It's for kids, but It's Christmas and brilliant so who cares... Cancelled flights,  zany travel companions, and  a car named Yugo lead to an hilarious journey from  Denver to Palm Springs.  And the soundtrack is (in old Disney Channel fashion) pretty awesome, too. 

Listen to: Cabin Pressure Christmas Special

listen to me

Ever wondered what an improvised Christmas Party on an airplane is like? Just listen to the Cabin Pressure Christmas special to find out how hilarious it really can be.  The crew has to spend Christmas aboard Gerti, captain Martin tries his best to make this one an unforgettable holiday, and as per usual it ends in heartfelt disaster.

Read:  The Con Artist of Catalina Island (A McAfee Twins Christmas Novel)

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Silent Night? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Not for the McAfee Twins. The detective's well deserved Christmas vacation turns into a murder investigation, and they soon find themselves in a dangerous web of lies, deceit, and holiday debacles. Add a toothless poodle, Uncle Robert in a Santa Suit, and it's just another family Christmas for Kerry and Terry  McAfee. 

...Wait, we're not done yet, today I have an early Christmas present for my fellow bibliophiles:

It's a coupon for my favorite online store! Just enter BOOKWORM at checkout to get 20% off all tees - but it's only good for today!

Peace, Love and Mistletoe

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