Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 21: Welcome to Whoville

If the Grinch taught me one thing it is that there are really no limits when it comes to festive hairstyles. And here are a couple of ideas that I am loving:

Just kidding! But if you have long hair like Cindy-Lou you should give this adorable 3 minute up-do a try. Use a fun printed ribbon for a more casual affair, or maybe something gold or silver for a night out.

Got a pixie cut, like yours truly? Just find an art deco head band (try Ebay and second hand stores for vintage pieces!), or highlight a few strands with shimmer gel (the body glitter you can find at Claire's works better than any high end product), and you'll be the cutest Who at any party.


Peace, Love and Mistletoe

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  1. Aw I love the head band, looks pretty :) awesome post as always!