Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 23: Christmas Dress

It's almost here! And with all presents wrapped, cards sent, and trees trimmed there's only one question left unanswered: What to wear on the big day?

While doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Benetton (yes I admit it, I was looking for the GLEE sweater), I stumbled across a gorgeous dress. A dress that happens to be perfect for Christmas Eve: 

In old Benetton fashion it comes in many colors, and here are 3 very cute ways to wear it: 

                              Source: via Laura on Pinterest

What is your fave? Sporty, girly or cozy? I'd definitely go for look number 3, those Westwood tights  are to die for.

Peace, Love and Mistletoe

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  1. I'd go for look number 3 :P and that dress is a bit similar to a dress I bought a few months back to wear at New Years Eve ;) mine is purple though lol